Saturday, October 6, 2007


Well folks, I was witness to an honest-to-god internet miracle. Are you ready for this? I don't know if you are. Sit down.

Leonard Cohen read my God in South Africa post and emailed me. I know! Can you believe it? How does that even happen?

I'll tell you how. The internet. The internet is the sort of place where you can write a blog about being judgmentally teary in yoga class and preferring Cohen's version of Hallelujah, and in return get an email from the singer himself.

And that's not even the best part. I emailed him back (of course) and he was so kind as to send a self portrait he'd done, with permission to post it.

So, America, here's a Leonard Cohen original. I think it's great:

P.S. If any of you go back to watch the 1984 performance (and I highly recommend it), keep your eye on the right side of the pillar directly behind Cohen. At 3:44, the singer back there pokes his head out, and then at 3:38 he misses his cue and comes out late. It's great.


Anonymous said...

The internet is an amazing bridge. How wonderful for you to hear from the writer!

Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah is such a beautiful song. Of the versions sung by men, I am with you on preferring Leonard's original, and, then the cover by John Cale. My overall favorite is the live, raw, recording by Allison Crowe.

cynthia said...

well, I wasn't that familiar with Hallelujah, but Mir, you and Ky grew up with I'm Your Man. I can't pick a favorite song from that album because each one is nothing but brilliant.

But my favorite current Leonard Cohen reference is this selection from Eat, Pray, Love, where the author is describing her attempts to combat depression:

"I exposed myself to the uplifting arts and carefully protected myself from sad movies, books and songs (if anyone even mentioned the words Leonard and Cohen in the same sentence, I would have to leave the room)."

Robin said... and wow....this is amazing...and the self-portrait is a treasure...i hope you can print, enlarge, and frame accordingly....

....isn't it extraordinary how the universe start in a yoga class...uncertain as to how it will feel to listen about spirituality...pain and suffering washes through your body and soul...a goddess comforts you and attends to your feel inspiration to write...and end up with a kind note and a sweet gift from an artist you admire...

...mathematically speaking, that is all sort of miraculous...(big smile goes here)...and hugs!!!

sbl2383 said...

wow! leonard cohen - that's unbelievable! i listened to allison crowe, who is amazing, but leonard, if you're out there, i'll take your version (of any song) any day!

Sallie said...

I keep thinking about this whole thing, it is just too cool.

Miranda your writing is like magic. You have such a gift. I feel that the more you continue sharing your gift the more magical things will happen. (I know this grammar is off but we can't all have the gift!)

My suggestion is to print out this amazing self portrait onto some nice quality paper and then make a collage frame to illustrate this whole experience -

cynthia said...

I also think the self-portrait is really good. You could hear his music and pick him out of a line-up, with this face. It was lovely and generous to send it.